Online Pole Studio is a community for artists to collaborate, learn, and share dance techniques with others. The moves library is an excellent resource for every dancer with an easy search feature. We also offer combination tutorials for Pole Dance, Floor Work, and Lollipop Lyra at 4 difficulty levels. Making the transitions just as important as the tricks. Teaching more than just the moves but how to connect them together into a sequence.

Jasmine Grace Founder, Creative Director

Jasmine discovered pole dancing in 2007 and has been hooked ever since. She started teaching pole in 2011 and in that same year developed Online Pole Studio to further share her love for pole with the world. In 2015 she became a mom, and in 2017 she teamed up with Holly Merlot, CanBan and Tiramisu to bring Pole Dance, Lollipop Lyra, & Floor work combination tutorials to Online Pole Studio! She also enjoys aerial silks, hula hooping, ice-skating, and rock climbing.

CanBan Pole Instructor

CanBan took her first pole dance class in 2013 and absolutely fell in love. She loves that there is always something new to learn and that you can have fun while you are working out. CanBan will be teaching Advanced Pole Dance tutorials on Online Pole Studio.

Holly Merlot Pole Instructor

Holly Merlot has been pole dancing for 3 years and teaching for 2. She is the 2016 PSO Central Pole Floor Work Champion and she is also a mom of 2 children. Holly will be bringing you Floor Work tutorials and Lollipop Lyra tutorials.

Tiramisu Pole Instructor

Tiramisu has been pole dancing for 3 years now and is already making her mark in the pole community. She placed 2nd at PSO Southwest Pole Championships in the Level 4 entertainment division and she has performed in several local shows. Tiramisu will be teaching Extreme Pole Dance tutorials on Online Pole Studio.