Premium Membership

  • Step-by-step instruction through every move, including the transitions
  • Access to stream over 80 lessons from 5 instructors at 4 difficulty levels
  • At least 3 moves in each combination lesson (watch example lesson)
  • Each move is explained with detailed slow motion video
  • New video lessons added frequently
  • No-hassle cancellation process

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included with the Premium Membership?

Over 70 combination tutorials covering pole dancing, lollipop lyra, and floor work. There are tutorials from 4 instructors at 4 difficulty levels. More tutorials added frequently!

When will I get charged each month?

So you never encounter any surprises, we charge your account on the same day every month. You can login to your account to see what day your account is scheduled to be charged each month.

How do I cancel?

We made our cancellation process as painless as possible. You login to your account, click 'Premium Membership', and then click cancel next to the membership plan you have. That's it.

What happens if I cancel before my membership is over?

You will remain a premium member for the rest of your paid period.

What happens if there is a issue regarding payment?

If a payment is declined for any reason, your premium membership will be revoked. If your membership had a discounted price, it will be kept if payment is processed within five (5) days.

What language are the tutorials in?

Currently, all of our tutorials are explained in English. We don't recommend these tutorials for non-english speakers.

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