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Emma Royle


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November 16, 2011
Thanks for that Jasmine, I keep thinking I have my upper arm in the wrong place but can't quite figure it, will have a go again tonight at pole class and see what happens, and I will defo keep my leg on for that extra support, will upload pic regardless of whether I do it or not, just for laughters sake! haha xx
November 15, 2011
Just uploaded a ton of pics, Jasmine can you please name them for me? Any comments on how to bend reach and stretch welcome! Trying to get on regular stretching now to try for the splits and a good overhead grasp, may take until I am 40 but hey ho it's all fun! xx
November 2, 2011
That's enough uploads for today, on with NVQ, which I should having been doing instead on this hee hee xx