manda ohara

manda ohara


Started pole classes in June 2011. Wish I'd found this hobby years ago. Am lovin' it! :)


November 17, 2011
@butterfly79 @slinkerbell Had a fab 2 lessons last night! Loved the doubles, gutted I got height fright though when doing the high invert to come down in a handstand onto Melissas legs! Need to work on that!
November 11, 2011
I have just ordered some Tac2 from ebay. Am hoping it's gunna work!
November 11, 2011
@jasmine - I have just set my pole to spinning mode, and rather than spin loosely, it seems to be sticking slightly on each turn. Are they meant to do this or do you think my pole just needs adjusting. Its an x-pole (same as yours I think?)
November 3, 2011
@vander we were having this conversation yesterday when I was practicing with a few friends in my bedroom. I start with it as far in as my shorts will allow! And yes, once you have gone through a little bit of skin pull pain, its comfortable once you are leaning back :)
October 25, 2011
Right. Finally managed to get on here on my actual computer rather than my phone. Gunna upload some pics on my lunch hour! :)
October 18, 2011
Ah not been here much, how's it goin?
September 3, 2011
Just joined this site... It's looking good so far, only been learning pole spins and inverts for a few months so don't know many at the mo but have managed a few advanced inverts recently :)